Welcome to inDinero—thank you for trusting us with your business! Now that you’ve joined the inDinero family, we’ll need to gather information to disperse to your team and get running on your first month end close!

The Welcome Form is a self-guided form to help capture your primary information to get going! We’ll request you to provide your basic business information, help set up your team with guest access to your financial accounts, provide basic tax information—you’ll dive into that more once it becomes the season, and provide any supporting business documents.

What’s the process?

Your inDinero team works on the backend to create a custom welcome form experience for you and provide a unique URL to get started.

Once the URL is provided, begin by filling out your basic information like your full name, email, and setup a password.

Upfront you’ll be asked to sign the Master Service Agreement, Form 7216, and how you would like to be billed—ACH or Check.

Once finished, we’ll guide you through four sections:

  1. Business Information—like basic business information, formation, and business owner profiles.
  2. Connect Accounts—choose your business financial accounts and provide guest access using the bank-provided instructions for each.
  3. Tax Information—let us know your tax filing year and easily share prior tax returns using the drag and drop feature.
  4. Business Forms—you’ll be provided a checklist for requested supporting forms like a Stock Purchase Agreement to easily upload right from the screen.

Click here for a breakdown of each section

How do I know I’m done?

Once you reach the confirmation page, consider yourself finished with the Welcome Form. At this point, your team will review the provided credentials and answers. Occasionally, your team may reach out to confirm specific details.

You’ll then receive a confirmation email with the next steps to delivering your first month-end.

What if I need to come back?

Come back at any point! Your answers are saved automatically. Next time you login you’ll be prompted to a Welcome Back screen where you can click into a missing section or select “Continue” **to start from where you first left off.