Upload receipts, via desktop and mobile app, to match business transactions for tax purposes and as a reference for your accounting service team to accurately reconcile and organize the books each month.

Desktop Instructions

Upload Individual Receipts to Corresponding Transactions

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts and select Transactions

Step 2: Navigate to desired transaction to match receipt. Note: Use Transaction Filters or the magnifying glass to search for a specific amount or description.


Step 3: Hover to the right of the transaction and select the paperclip icon.


Step 4: Attach the receipt from the hard drive pop-up and select Open.


Step 5: After linked, the transaction’s paperclip icon will be visible without hovering over to signify an attachment.

Upload Multiple Receipts to Platform

Upload bulk receipts without first matching a transaction. This feature is ideal for uploading receipts for transactions that have not been pulled into the platform yet. Note: These receipts will not automatically attach to their corresponding transactions.

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts and select Receipts.

Step 2: Select New Receipt in the upper right hand corner to populate the hard drive pop-up. Click desired receipts and select Open.

Step 3: Select individual receipts to fill out information. Once finished, select Save.

Step 4: To link a receipt to a transaction, select the receipt from the Pending list and then:

  1. Select Save and then select Reset Filters to list all transactions the same or greater than the receipt. Tip: Filter further by selecting Show Filter and narrow down by amount or other category.

  2. Select desired transaction select populated Link Transaction button.


  3. Click Save to change status from Pending to Matched.