While filling out your billing information is a part of the initial onboarding process, you may need to update your billing ACH or Credit Card information for your monthly inDinero subscription.

From your home screen, click Account and Settings in the upper right hand corner and select Settings from the dropdown and choose the Billing tab.


Step 1: Select + Add New icon in the Payment Method section.

Step 2: Next, add in your details and select the radio box to agree to inDinero's Terms of Use to continue.


Step 3: Following this, you'll be prompted to select Continue to use Plaid to link you bank.


Step 4: Here, you can review the list of common banks or use the search bar to select your desired bank for billing.


Step 5: Enter your bank credentials. For this example, Lyons Den uses Citi Bank for billing.


Step 6: Lastly, review that your information appears correct, check the radio box, and click Agree and Submit to finalize your billing.


Your Billing tab now reflects the newly updated banking account.

To Edit your Billing Information

You can always go back to this page to add a new billing account or edit the existing one by selecting the + Add New button or the Edit icon to the right of your connected account!Instructions