Occasionally you may want to open and edit, move, or add a section of your inDinero financials only to find that you are blocked from the action. Time periods are switched to locked once your inDinero accounting service team completed the month-end-close (MEC) process.

This security is also in place to prevent any retroactive edits that could negatively impact your tax returns and possibly break tax compliance.

For example, Jane from Lyons Den needs to complete two bill payments for Castle Black Protection Services for May and June. They successfully paid for the security services due 06/24; however, they were blocked from completing the locked 05/11 bill.

How do I know if a section is locked?

A padlock symbol next to your inDinero information means that time period has been reviewed by your service team and is locked.

How can I unlock my books?

Unlocking books is an internal feature. In most cases, your account manager can make the changes for you to ensure proper accounting practices are upheld.

Should you wish to edit your own financial information, reach out to your service team through email or phone. Once finished editing, please contact your inDinero team to re-lock the books.

What areas can impact tax returns?

Locked books prevents editing the following:

What areas do not impact tax returns?

Locked books permit the following edits: