Send money via check all from the inDinero platform. Once you create the vendor and have set up bill pay through Dwolla, you’ll be ready to send money to a vendor or pay a bill from one spot!

Send Money via Check

Step 1: Select Bills > Make a Payment

Step 2: Select the Check tab

Step 3a: If you’re sending money not pertaining to a bill, select your payee from the dropdown, input the amount and memo

Step 3b: If you’re sending money related to a bill, choose the payee from the dropdown and a pop-up will appear with open bills. Select the bill you wish you to pay. Then select the desired bill to add the amount and memo

Step 4: Select Add Attachment to send a cover letter or copy the invoice if needed

Step 5: Select Next to fill out shipping information

Step 6: Click Send to submit the check


Standard check pricing is $2 and full service is $3 per check.

Cancel Check Payments

Step 1: Navigate to Bills > Make a Payment

Step 2: Review the statuses to determine if the payment may be canceled: