While your service team is working behind the scenes making sure each transaction is categorized and matched; ultimately we want to ensure that you can manage or delegate a team member to review transactions within the inDinero platform. Here, you may edit, split, sort and export transactions as needed. Let’s get started!

1. Instructions

Edit Transactions

Point-of-sale (POS) machines often leave a long and convoluted name on a transaction or sometimes render the transaction too difficult to automatically categorize. This sort of unusable data can make your Month End and Year End processes much more difficult and prolonged.

Follow these simple steps to clean up or clarify things like description, category, dimension, etc.

Individual Transaction

Step 1: Click the individual unlocked transaction that you’d like to edit from the All Transactions list.


Step 2: Then, make any applicable changes and save. Here, you can edit:

Multiple Transactions

Step 1: Check the box to the left of all the transactions that you’d like to edit. A box will appear above the list of transactions that reads "Edit Multiple". Click that box.


Step 2:

A pop-up menu will appear outlining all of the fields available to edit. Make any of the changes you’d like to see here.