inDinero integrates with Stripe, an online payment processor that gives you the ability to accept payments via credit card. Stripe is an alternative payment method to give your vendors the option of paying invoices by credit card instead of checks or wire transfers. By connecting your Stripe account to inDinero, transaction data is automatically pulled into your Dashboard for real-time financial reporting and analytics.

Connect Stripe to inDinero Platform

Step 1: Navigate to Accounts > Financial Accounts and select New Account from the upper right hand corner

Step 2: Select Stripe from the list of account types

Step 3: You’ll be given the option import account activity and enable invoice payments OR only import account activity

Setup inDinero with Stripe guest access

Your accounting team will need access to Stripe reports in order to complete monthly and annual reconciliations. For example, each month we break out and categorize transaction fees from your customer payments and compare the data with Stripe reports.

Step 1: From your Stripe account, go to Business Settings in the left-hand menu > Team. > + New User

Step 2: From the Invite New Users page, enter [yourcompanyname] and select View Only

Your team will receive an email notification from Stripe to finish the setup process and will reach out if further information is required.

View Only users can view and search through all the customer data in your account. They can’t refund payments or create new customers, and they can’t touch account settings.

Set-up Stripe Payments for Invoices

Once you have added the Stripe account under Financial Accounts then you may enable your clients to pay invoices via Stripe.

Step 1: To begin, navigate to Invoices > Invoice Settings > Payment Methods

Step 2: Choose Credit Card from the left hand navigation

Step 3: Select “Connect with Stripe” and follow the prompts to connect. Alternatively, select “Disconnect” to deactivate the credit card payment option for invoices.

Once setup, a sent invoice will include a “Pay by Credit Card” button for clients to submit via Stripe. Once paid, the invoice will be marked as paid in the inDinero platform and payments will hit your stripe account.

Customize Stripe Transactions with Metadata