We understand that business owners need to be everywhere at once, so we make it easy to manage all your to-dos from one place. Instead of switching screens to resolve tasks, everything you need to review and check off is right within your inDinero To-Do List via desktop and iOS or Android mobile app!

To begin, go to your Analytics Dashboard and select the To-Do List icon from the top floating navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can always access your To-Do List from the Tools dropdown list. Also, selecting the bell icon in the top navigation lets you easily know if you have open to-dos—if there are any open to-dos, To-Dos will be listed in the dropdown for you to select!

Tour of your To-Do List


You can easily search or filter by description, due date, high-priority, or unread to-dos. You can zone in even further by filtering specific dates or types like any Onboarding or Year End to-dos!

You can easily see if a To-Do is unread, past due, marked as high-priority, and if it’s recurring or has attachments or a comment thread.


Your To-Do List separates your active and solved to-dos by the To-Do and Complete tabs.

  1. The To-Do tab lists all new, in progress, and in review requests.