With Document Management (or Doc Management as we like to call it), you have more control over all your business’s documents. As your virtual filing cabinet, you can upload, view, download, or delete important files like tax returns, cap tables, or monthly billing statements.

For example, Lyons Den wants to organize all files used in a transcription project, including invoices, spreadsheets, and final transcript documents.


1. Navigate to your Doc Management page

There are two ways to navigate to your Doc Management:

From the Account and Settings dropdown menu, you can click Documents.


Or hover over Tools on the left navigation menu and click Documents.


2. Create Folders

Doc Management, an intuitive folder architecture, gives you a decluttered view of your files, making it quick and easy for you to locate all files. Before uploading any files, Lyons Den decides to create a new folder to house all files from their recent transcript project.

Step 1: Double-click on the Client Uploads folder.

Step 2: In the right-hand corner, click the folder icon.


Step 3: A new untitled folder will appear. Highlight the Untitled Folder text and rename the folder. Here, Lyons Den will type Transcript Project and hit enter to save.


3. Upload Files

With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can upload your important files one at a time--or one hundred at a time!--from anywhere in Doc Management. Anything you upload is automatically saved to your Client Folder. You can also navigate into a specific folder to upload files directly to the project folder that contains related materials. Here, Lyons Den will double click into the Transcript Project folder to keep all new files in one folder.

There are two ways you can upload files:

Simply drag a file from your computer into Doc Management