Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is money a company owes to a creditor.

Advertising Expenses

Advertising expenses relate to any money spent on promoting the company through advertising. This can relate to traditional and web-based advertising.


Anything relating to vehicles, like gasoline bought on a business trip or a set of new tires for a company truck.

Bank/ATM/Credit Card Fee

This relates to any fee or charge issued by a banking institution or credit card company, like an ATM fee.

Content Production

Content production includes written, visual, and video content.


The contractors category is broken up even further into domestic, international, and other.

Cost of Goods Sold

Costs of goods sold relate to direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold by a company.

Deposit Assets

Deposit assets include security deposits paid to your office’s property owner.


Entertainment relates to employee outings or entertaining clients.

Equipment Assets

Equipment assets include machinery, tools, vehicles, or any other tangible asset that you can use to create and sell your product or service.