It’s our goal to provide you an easy and empowering experience with the financial aspects of running the business. Occasionally, as circumstances fluctuate, you may question if inDinero remains the right choice for your business.

inDinero is equipped to grow with you—whether your revenue has rapidly increased, you’re working on a round of funding, or even if your business has scaled back. Before canceling your inDinero service altogether, connect with your dedicated inDinero team to see if a service listed below may be more beneficial for you. Here’s how some inDinero clients have found success when making a similar decision:

Rescope to Cash or Accrual Method Accounting

Your inDinero team closely monitors the trends of your business to ensure that your business needs are met. Switching from one accounting method to the other may be valuable for your business’s needs.

While Cash Method is beneficial for small businesses because it shows real-time cash flow (recognizes revenue when cash is received and expenses when paid); Accrual Method is beneficial for projecting long-term business planning because revenues and expenses are recorded when incurred. These methods, though different, are advantageous for the right business model.

Fractional CFO Services

CFO services offer features like board representation, establish banking relationships, and assist in negotiating equity and debt funding. Overall, a CFO provides your company with business and financing planning like budgets, forecasts, variance analysis, and external audit preparation.

Advanced Tax Planning

Though inDinero has tax features, this additional service covers business formation and entity selection, tax planning and prep -including international. Tax experts also assist with tax stock option planning and business succession planning all while making sure that you stay tax compliant.

Temporary Hold

We understand you may experience unforeseen circumstances that affect your budget. If this comes up, you do have the option of pausing all support service but keeping your account open for $150 a month.

If you opt to pause your support service, the system will continue to pull and auto-categorize transactions and you will still be able to access reports and in-app functionality while saving for a short-term period.

When the time comes to get your account back on-track, we’ll provide an estimate for the backed accounting required to get current. To place a hold on your inDinero account, or learn more about other cost-saving options, contact your main accountant either by [email protected] (ie: [email protected]) or by [email protected].

However, if you decide canceling is the best option, we’ll be sad to see you go!

Cancel Account

To cancel your account, contact your primary inDinero contact (either your Assistant Controller or Controller) directly. You can do this by emailing them directly or give us a call at 855-463-4637.

Please be aware that there is a 60-day cancellation policy and fee (outlined in your engagement letter). This allows your inDinero team to close your books for the current month, help you or your new accountant(s) with off-boarding and migration, preparation of a data-migration packet, etc.