inDinero understands that your time is important—that's why taking upfront measures like adding vendors saves time in the long run and reduces daily manual errors when making bill payments.

Add Vendors

Step 1: To add a vendor, navigate to Bills and choose Vendors from the drop down

Step 2: From the Vendors page, choose New Vendor in the upper right hand corner

Step 3: Fill out the vendor information including their email

Once finished, select Done to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can add a new vendor directly from the Make a Payment page. Click the Pay to drop-down menu and select Add New Vendor. A pop-up menu will prompt you to add all of the information inDinero needs to send money.

<aside> ✏️ If the vendor has not accepted ACH payments, an email will be sent to the vendor, and the payment will remain in draft status.


Edit Vendors

No matter how you add one, once you add a new vendor you can edit the provided information.

Step 1: Navigate to the Vendors page (Bills > Vendors)

Step 2: From the Vendors dropdown, choose the desired name

Step 3: Select the dropdown to the right of the Vendor Name and choose an action: Edit, Create a new bill, or disable vendors